Life Members

We have a proud tradition of recognising those who over many years have made a significant contribution to our Centre. In our 49th year we are recording our history (in readiness for our 50th season) and are looking for information relative to our life members so that we can make a lasting tribute to their contribution to the Centre. We welcome any information that you may be able to provide including that which may help us to locate those with whom we have unfortunately lost touch.

Our life members include:

Life Member Year Comment
Keith Dubber 1977  Resides in Armidale
Graham Martin 1977 Lost contact – Do you know where he is?
Terry Mills 1979 Passed away in 2001
John Wheeler 1979 Passed away in 1997
Barry Clarke 1982 Passed away in 2007
Steve Perry 1982 Recently moved to Victoria
Lesley Fenech 1983 Resides locally
Joan Wheeler 1983 Resides in Western Australia
Hans Kropman 1985 Resides locally
Paula Avellino 1986 Resides locally
Bob Sewell 1986 Passed away in 2017
Barbara Hately 1988
Yvonne Scorer 1991
Colin Walker 1991
Max McGregor 1991 Passed away in 2022
Vivian Manwaring 1992 Resides locally
Henry Speerin 1995 Lost contact – Do you know where he is?
Sean Battersby 1996  Passed away in 2023
Lynn Eastcott 1996 Lost contact – Do you know where she is?
Trevor Hinwood 2000 Resides locally. Trevor is still helping out on Friday nights
Dave Burbage 2001 Resides locally
Tony Ward 2002 Resides locally and coaching throws
Linda Hinwood 2003 Resides locally and gives Trevor a leave pass to attend on Friday nights.
Gary Micallef 2003 Resides locally and coaches long jump, walks and sprints
Helen Graham 2004 Resides locally
Stuart Graham 2004 Resides locally
Glenn Levett 2006 Resides locally
Jo Micallef 2008 Resides locally
Brad Weyland 2008 Resides locally
Doug Perrott 2013 Resides locally
Michelle Perrott 2013 Resides locally
Wayne Thurlow 2013 Resides locally and coaches sprints
Jason Jobson 2015 Current Treasurer
Karen Farrugia 2021 Current President