Information and Resources for Age Managers

Age Managers

Each age group is managed by an age manager. Age managers play an important role in keeping the program on track, providing event advice and guidance to athletes and their parents and in recording event statistics. They are unpaid volunteers. Please assist them wherever possible to make their role easier and to facilitate the smooth running of the night.

Instructions for Age Managers

  • If your age group is large or you are running behind it is advisable that your group make two attempts at each field event rather than the usual three.
  • Field events must be completed in order of the score sheets. Each athlete will throw or jump once at a time moving through the line.
  • All events must be completed in the program order unless instructed otherwise by the Program Manager or a committee member. This is extremely important to keep the night flowing smoothly. Jumping the queue puts other groups behind and slows down the night.
  • Proper uniforms must be worn. Athletes are not permitted to compete in long pants or board or cargo style shorts. Shorts or briefs must cover the hip bones. Shorts must be plain black with no stripes. Each competitor’s number must be clearly visible including ALL of the red border.

Spikes must be removed at the end of each event. Spikes must not be worn around the ground or outside of the ground unless the competitor is participating in an event where spikes are used. Spikes are for laned events, high, long and triple jumps only.