Coaching FAQs

When do you hold coaching?
During the season (from 05/09/14) coaching will be held each Monday and Wednesday night in a range of athletic disciplines from 6.15pm to 8pm. Children should arrive by 6pm to complete two to three laps before warm up drills commence with our coaches at 6.15pm. Commencing this season there will also be fitness / endurance training on Tuesday nights from 6.15pm to 8pm for U10-U17 athletes and senior club members. Fitness is the key to improvement and to being your best. We will be developing and assessing athletes using a modified ASAP Program. Those who meet certain levels may be invited to participate in monthly coaching sessions when more personalised and specialised coaching will be available.
Who can attend?
Children in the Under 7 to Under 17 age groups and athletes from the Girraween Athletics Club (Seniors)
How much does coaching cost?
It is absolutely free
What is involved?

Our program for each coaching nights depends on the availability of our coaches and the interests of attending athletes. Generally, after warm up drills there are two coaching sessions each night except at the beginning of the season when the first session is replaced by extended fitness training to prepare our athletes for the season.

Do I need to wear my uniform to coaching?

No, but you should wear clothes suitable for training and bring a jumper in case it gets cold. In colder weather you may train or warm up in a track suit. 

What events are coached?
Discus, shotput, javelin, high jump, long jump, triple jump, walks, sprints, middle distance and hurdles. To see the LAANSW event fact sheets click here.
Are all events available each night?
No. Most nights will include sprints, long jump, high jump, middle distance and at least one throws event. Walks, hurdles and triple jump are usually conducted on Wednesday nights.

Who is your coaching aimed at?

Coaching is generally aimed at the beginner to median athlete to cater for the greatest number of athletes.

What happens with those athletes who need extra attention because they are a very good athlete, poor athlete or have a major deficiency with their technique?

We do our best to cater for these athletes during normal sessions but due to group sizes this is not always possible. We are currently considering other options including additional coaching sessions outside of the normal times by invitation. We are also training junior coaches and helpers with an aim of dividing groups based on their ability and needs. For example, a junior coach may run a long jump session with beginner to median athletes while a senior coach may conduct a corresponding session with athletes who need more specialised attention due to ability or inability.

Why should I bring a water bottle?

You need to keep your fluids up to avoid dehydration. While you train your body loses fluid through sweat and other normal bodily functions. By the time you notice that you are dehydrated it is too late. Dehydration affects performance and may lead to injury or other health problems.