General FAQs

Q.Where is Girraween Little Athletics held?

A. Our club competition is held at C.V. Kelly Park, Oramzi Road, Girraween (opposite Palm Street) on Friday evenings from September to March. Children should arrive at 5.45pm to be ready for a 6pm start.

What are the registration costs?

A. Little Athletics is one of the cheapest sports around. For 6 months registration it costs:
    $100 per athlete, all ages (includes free coaching monday and wednesdays. Club's competition night is every friday from 6 pm)

   There is also a $20 fundraising levy per family.

Q. Do you have trial registrations?

A. Yes. It is an option available under the registration steps.


Q. What ages does Little Athletics cater for?

A. 4-17 year olds.

Q. What is there for children older than 17?

A. Girraween Athletics Club has competition during summer from 2pm each Saturday. Further information is available at

Q. What is dual registration?

A. Athletes who register in our Under 12-17's will be dual registered automatically with Athletics NSW but need to register with a senior club to activate the registration. Senior clubs may charge their own fee but out sister club Girraween Athletics Club does not. This allows eligible athletes to compete in Girraween Athletics Club competition on Saturday afternoons at Gipps Road during summer and in official Athletics NSW events and championships.


Q. Why do parents need to attend?

A. A parent or guardian is required to attend at all times, not only to assist with organisation of events, but to be available if an accident occurs, disciplinary action is necessary or the program is cancelled due to wet weather. Parents who are unable to attend must ensure that a suitable guardian is available to take their place and responsibility for their children. The police will be called to attend to abandoned children.

Q. Why do parents need to assist with the running of events?

All committee members and officials are volunteers. They need assistance to ensure that your child/children can compete. Running events require a starter and several time keepers while throwing and jumping events need people to measure, retrieve equipment and reset bars or surfaces for the next athlete. Your child's age manager cannot do all these, record results and organise children at the same time. Helping is a good way to be involved with your children and to instil a sense of community service upon your children.


Q. How competitive is little athletics?

Athletics is as competitive as your child wants it to be. Children are grouped by age and compete with their peers. Their times are collated weekly and age managers are given a spreadsheet (updated periodically) that assists them to group children of similar ability in races. This allows children of average or lower athletic ability to be competitive. This can be great for your child's self esteem. Additionally, our competition is based upon personal performances and attendance. Children in the under 6 and above ages receive one point for each event that they compete in and one point for each personal best result. Through regular attendance and regular improvement the slowest child in an age group has the same chance as the fastest or any other child to be age champion.


Q. What do the tiny tots do at Little Athletics?

Tiny tots participate in a program designed to develop their athletic and motor skills. The emphasis for them is upon fun. Like the older children they participate in long jump and run on the main track on alternate weeks. They also have their own shorter straight track for races at the end of the night. Tiny tots participate in a range of activities designed to develop their running, jumping, throwing and sense of competition both on an individual and team basis. Towards the end of the season our coaches start teaching the tots event specific techniques to prepare them for their transition to competition in the Under 6’s. One of the benefits of tiny tots is that parental involvement is welcome. Tiny tots managers need parental assistance to run events.


Q. My child is uncoordinated, how can he/she develop?

Athletics like any activity takes some getting used to. Through practice your child will improve. Tiny tot activities are designed to develop children's motor skills. Age managers are there to assist with advice and guidance as are members of our committee. Children in under 7's and above may attend our free coaching sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6.15pm to 8pm. Our coaches will assist your child to develop proper technique through a range of drills and through practice.


Q. How can athletics help me to improve in other sports?

Athletics helps children to develop skills beneficial to a whole range of sports including running, sprinting, jumping and throwing. Examples include:



 Rugby league/union, soccer, netball, cricket, etc


 Baseball, softball, above sports, etc


 Basketball, soccer, aussie rules etc


 Baseball, cricket, netball, etc


Athletics develops strength, speed, endurance and general fitness. This is why many sports use athletics techniques during training sessions.


Q. Does my child have to compete in competition outside of Girraween Little Athletics?

A. A range of friendly and official competitions are available for your child to compete in during the season. While we encourage children to participate there is no obligation for your child to attend. Competition outside our centre is great for your child's development allowing them to compete against children from other centres. Some competitions have trophies or medals for those in the top three or six positions and others have attendance patches or ribbons for all competitors.