What do my children do at little athletics?

What do tiny tots do?

Tiny tots teaches 3-4 year olds the basic skills of athletics. Tiny tots is like play athletics with running, jumping and throwing tabloid events to develop a child's fine motor skills. The children also do some of the real events like long jump and running races. Towards the end of the season those who are to move on the following year to the Under 6 age group will receive coaching instruction and practice in the real events. Our program is very popular averaging close to 90 registrations per season.

What events do my children do?

That depends on their age group. All children from Under 6 upwards compete in running races (distances vary between age groups), long jump, shotput and discus. As children progress through the age groups their race distances alter and they commence doing new and additional events including hurdles, high jump, walks and triple jump. To see the Little Athletics NSW event and equipment specifications click here.

What time does athletics start and finish?

Athletics starts at 6pm so kids should arrive before 6 and be ready to start. The finishing time varies between age groups with tiny tots finishing a little before 7.30pm and the oldest age groups finishing by 9.30pm or a little later. Many variables affect the finishing time like volunteer support, number of athletes competing at the ground and other variables).